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Kimberly's mission

I aim to bring skincare to the next level by fusing beauty with the best products to assure the best results! Not only will it look good, it is good, which will make you feel good !

I am all about creating an experience in a comfortable beautiful atmosphere while using quality products to assure you leave K-tans feeling beautiful on the outside to match your beauty on the inside!

I want to keep my clients wanting to come back for more!

Sunless Session

We create a custom blend for each one of our clients, because you are unique! Once we have the perfect blend created for you, we apply it in our 30-minute appointment.

Wedding Tan

Your tan needs to be perfect on your special day, and we can do that for you! We specialize in offering wedding tans, including your entire wedding party!

Group Tanning

Want to have a fun evening with the girls?  Nothing is better than spray tans, wine and good company! Our spray tanning parties are perfect for a "girls night in" event!

Competition Tanning

Looking for the perfect spray tan for your competition tan?  We offer the best competition spray tans in the area.  Contact us today to learn more!

K-Tans️ 4 days ago

K-Tans️ 4 days ago

#spraytans K-Tans boutique shopping Wild Dixie Boutique BBQ Brandos BBQ in Bow ! Sounds like the best day ever ! #bringingbeautytobow come out ! March 23, Saturday

K-Tans️ 3 weeks ago

Yay. Our first season event ! March 23. Eeeek. I’m sooooo excited for warmer weather and watching the community out and together. Come also to meet all us Beauty Babes in Bow for fall your beauty needs Philocaly

K-Tans️ 4 weeks ago

Sounds like a fun night ! Who’s going ?

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K-Tans️ 3 months ago

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Oh my gosh when Christian looks at me every time when I say things like babe, I need a new #spraygone or always saying, babe, I need to try this new contour gun ! Or he loves it when I say oh my gosh babe, there’s this new spray tan solution I should try it! Or oh my gosh babe, Kelly has this new air dryer. I can put it on my wall and my clients can get dry faster. I #SprayTanArtistLife. #Entrepreneur. #WhoCanRelate.

K-Tans️ 3 months ago

K-Tans️ 3 months ago


What our clients say

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Michael Harward
December 25, 2022

Love this place ❤

Melody Westergard
August 13, 2022

I’ve always gotten machine applied spray tans. I was a little apprehensive about having an actual person do this. But Kimberly makes you feel comfortable right from the start. And the application of the spray tan is far superior than that of a machine. She does an amazing job. She also offers aftercare products, and other specialized creams and powders. She also makes sure your hands and feet are not orange or overly tanned. I would recommend her 💯

Melissa Taylor
June 24, 2022

Kimberly is the sweetest!! It’s such a wonderful experience getting a spray tan from her. She’s just so personable and knowledgeable and makes you feel extremely comfortable through the process of getting that instant glow on

Christian Omdal
March 23, 2022

K-tans is amazing. She pays attention to detail and makes you feel comfortable through the experience.

Danielle Burnett
September 19, 2021

Her attention to detail is insane!!! She's the best I've ever been to and I just love her! Sweetest girl ever 💓

Ah-may-ZING!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOOOVE IT!!! Kimberlee is the BEST!!! She customizes the solution to your skin, can add scents (I got pineapple today 🍍 and her salon is sooo beautiful!!! She does like 19 steps and compliments you the whole way! Offers you ice water, welcomes you in and asks to make sure you tell her if anything goes wrong so she can fix it because she truly cares about and loves making people beautiful!! And she does tan parties for multiple people! One at a time of course. Best part...... she brushes sparkles all over you!!!! So you shimmer in the sun! I love her and her customer service along with her beautiful salon so much I just HAVE to become a regular now!!

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