I like to offer Products that maintain and extend your spray tan @K-tans

K-Tans has all you need to help keep your tan lasting long and looking Fantastic as long as it can ! and all you need to skin prep to start again and assure the best results!

X-Tan Remover


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This is a miracle solution that will remove Ooops! tan spots that end up on the wrong spot of your body. During your session I assure all solution is evenly applied to all the correct areas but sometimes during developing you will still have bronzer on your skin and could rub off either on the palm of your hand or bottom of your feet or other touchy areas that solution does not settle well so this if your answer! Follow the instructions and spray this on that spot let it dry rub off and "PERFECTION"

Exfoliation Body Scrub Sponge


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Polishes all skin types. Great to use to prepare you skin for your spray tan and to use towards the end of your spray tan to prepare for your next spray tan

Limited Edition K-tans very own Drying Powder


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Enriched with 100% pure natural ingredients helps nourish and protects your skin with or without a spray tan. Great size for Travel or to put in your everyday bag. Can be used everyday in those areas on your body that you need to keep dry and smelling yummy ! Great for your workouts or those hot days. Available in MATTE or SPARKLE

Limited Edition Herbal Body Moisturizer "YUZU & STAR FRUIT & Honey Melon & Sweet Pineapple" 17 Oz.

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Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil, water base lotion that is safe for your sunless tanning. Hempz seed oil helps nourish, protects and condition your skin dramatically. It is 100%Vegan,Paraben Free, Gluten Free and THC Free

Variety HEMPZ Lotions 2.25 Oz.


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Not ready to invest in a large bottle try one of my small bottles also great for travel. Chose from Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon, Whipped Maple Butter CreamFresh Coconut Watermelon

HEMPZ Shampoo & Conditioner set


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New and Improved HEMPZ Shampoo and Conditioner DUO for Damaged and Color Treated hair. Cleans and restores color treated hair. The secret is in the seed ! . Spray Tan safe



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Love this ! Comes with a FREE Rainbow Sparkle bag that includes (1) 2.25 Oz Love Out Loud Limited Lotion, (1) DIVA Dust and (1) "Make Out Sesh" Limited Edition creamy pineapple and Coconut Lip Gloss. And Bonus when you purchase any item in my Speak Out Loud collection some of the proceeds go to the #PRIDEresourcecenter!

HEMPZ Smoothie Pink Grapefruit & Persimmon fruit Herbal Body Moisturizer 8 Oz.


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One of our most popular lotions! 100% pure natural Hemp Seed oil and safe for your Spray Tan! Keeps your spray Tan looking FRESH and helps for it to wear off even! Just like a Smoothie you have in the morning, its essential to your spray tan !
Take one home at your next session @ K-tans


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